Tattoo shops in Manchester have been crowded over the past few days. Hundreds of the city’s residents are getting a tattoo of a bee, Manchester’s symbol, in a display of solidarity and in memory of the horrific terror attack. The tattoo shops are donating the profits of the bee tattoo to the welfare of the victims.

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Manchester residents continue to rally for the welfare of the victims from the horrific terror attack, in which 22 people were murdered and dozens more were injured. Now, the city’s citizens have found a unique way to show their support by getting a tattoo with a bee, Manchester’s symbol, while the local tattoo shops donate the tattoos profits to the terror attack victims.

Aside from being the city’s symbol, the bee also represents an active hive in this industrial city. Following the terror attack, the bee became a symbol of solidarity and strength for the residents during this difficult time. The tattoo shops are offering the tattoo for a mere £50 however, many tattoo artists stated that they are tattooing people for less if they are unable to afford it.

Tattoo of a bee in memory of Manchester terror victims

Tattoo of a bee in memory of Manchester terror victims Photo Credit: CNN/Channel 2 News

High demand for the tattoo led other tattoo shops to join the initiative, while some are staying open until 2 AM. Crowds stand in line, despite local rainfall over the past few days, and patiently wait for their turn to get a solidarity tattoo.