Yaakov, one of the teenage Jewish boys who were attacked during a bar mitzvah trip in the West Bank, says the Palestinian assailants threw stones at them, hit them and used pepper spray on them.

Watch: Teen boy recounts attack by Palestinians

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“We were walking under a cliff when suddenly someone threw stones at us,” says Yaakov, one of the Jewish teenagers who were attacked Thursday during a bar mitzvah hiking trip in the West Bank.

The group of boys had set off on their hike from the settlement of Migdalim and were walking towards the settlement of Kida. When they arrived near the Palestinian village of Qusra, they were attacked by several local residents. One of the boys’ father shot and killed one of the assailants.

“We went into a cave so they wouldn’t hurt us,” Yaakov recounts. “We were there for a while and then Arabs came from all around us. They hit some of the kids.”

“There were also Arabs who managed to get the attackers away from us,” he added, “and they kept us safe until the army came to rescue us.”

IDF forces soon arrived to rescue the boys, three of whom sustained injuries.