English-speaking audiences can enjoy a variety of performances, including musicals, Shakespearean plays and original Israelis plays.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

If you’ve ever considered watching a theater play in Israel but gave it up because you felt your Hebrew wasn’t good enough, you should know that the Cameri Theater in Tel Aviv is offering a variety of its repertoire plays with English subtitles.

Whether you are a lover of musicals or a Shakespeare person, here are some of our recommendations:

West Side Story

The iconic Leonard Bernstein musical tells the tragic story of Tony, a native New Yorker from immigrant Polish families, who falls in love with Maria, a Puerto Rican girl. Their love stands no chance in the racist societies they both live in.

Funny Girl

Based on the life of Broadway and film star Fanny Brice, the musical Funny Girl was written by Isobel Lennart with music by Jule Styne and Bob Merrill. It stars two of Israel’s most famous actors, Maya Dagan and Amos Tamam.

As You Like It

A Shakespearean classic, it tells the story of Rosalind who flees to the Forest of Arden, where she finds safety, love and several memorable characters.


If you’re willing to try an original Israeli play, this one is a good option. Through the story of an engagement, it deals with many of the political and social conflicts that threaten to tear the Israeli society apart.

Pillars of Society

Henrik Ibsen’s 1877 play, which came before his succession of masterpieces, deals with themes such as corruption, materialism and the relationship between society and individual people.

For the complete schedule, including times of performances, visit https://cameri.co.il/en/theatre.