Tensions between the Israeli Prime Minister and the Minister of Education reached new levels, as the two clashed at a security cabinet meeting about the IDF’s activity in Area A. Bennett raised his voice and Netanyahu aggressively responded by saying, “If you don’t calm down and stop, I will fire you.”

Tensions between Netanyahu and Bennett reach new heights

Tensions between Netanyahu and Bennett reach new heights Flash 90/Channel 2 News

 On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu threatened to fire Israeli Minister of Education Bennett during a security cabinet meeting. Prior to the threat, Bennett requested to discuss IDF activity in Area A and claimed that information on the subject is being hidden from the ministers. 

Bennett raised the matter after realizing that the subject at hand was not on the security cabinet’s agenda. Netanyahu responded that the security cabinet has a routine agenda for discussion and that the Israeli Chief of Staff is expected to give an update on the subject. Netanyahu’s response did not satisfy Bennett, who became infuriated and angrily said to the Prime Minister and the other ministers, “You aren’t keeping your promises and you’re hiding activities.”

“Calm down or I’ll fire you,” Netanyahu warned in response to Bennett’s harsh comments. Other ministers also agreed that Bennett behaved inappropriately. “There is a way to speak to the Prime Minister and that is unacceptable,” commented Minister Ze’ev Elkin.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office refused to comment on the matter.

Minister Bennett’s office provided the following statement: “We will not comment on details discussed in a closed security cabinet meeting. Leaks from a security cabinet meeting are a serious matter that harms Israel’s security and I expect the Prime Minister to take care of it.”