Security forces in Holland prevented a terror attack in Rotterdam last night. A truck containing gas bottles was discovered near the venue where an American rock band was slated to perform.

Holland police

Holland police Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

Holland police announced on Wednesday evening that they thwarted a terror attack that was to take place in Rotterdam after receiving a tip from Spanish police.  

After receiving the information, the police in Holland decided to cancel an America rock band’s concert that was to take place in the city. “We took the report from the Spanish police very seriously,” said the spokesperson for the Holland police force. “After discussing the matter with the organizers, we decided to cancel the concert.”

Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb confirmed that after searching the area, police found a truck with a Spanish license plate near the venue. The truck contained several gas bottles, which were most likely supposed to be used during the terror attack. The driver of the truck was arrested near the scene.

A Spanish counter-terrorism investigation official said that the incident in Rotterdam was not related to last week’s twin terror attacks in Spain. The official explained that the tip was discovered by Spain’s Civil Guard.

Meanwhile, ISIS released a new propaganda video in which the terrorist organization praises the attacks in Spain. In the video, which was recorded in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, two ISIS terrorists threaten that more terror attacks will be carried out in Spain.