Last night, the IDF attacked and destroyed a terror tunnel that was dug by Hamas near the Erez border crossing. The tunnel’s route was headed towards Israeli communities adjacent to the border and near the Erez crossing, which is primarily used for humanitarian and pedestrian purposes.

IAF fighter jets destroy Hamas terror tunnel

IAF fighter jets destroy Hamas terror tunnel Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Another Hamas terror tunnel directed towards Israel was destroyed in Gaza by the IDF last night (Saturday). The IDF stated that the attack tunnel’s route approached Israeli communities adjacent to the Erez border crossing and that it was neutralized in an IAF attack.

The IDF international spokesperson commented on the operation “It’s fair to say that Hamas is killing Gaza by its terror activities against humanitarian facilities and by focusing on terror tunnels towards Israel.” The tunnel’s route didn’t go past the border and it was located using new technological methods, making it the first attack tunnel that was destroyed before reaching Israel. The tunnel was meant to pass under the Erez border crossing, which is used for humanitarian and pedestrian purposes.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman also commented on the IDF attack, “Hamas is throwing around catch-phrases about its desire for a long-term Hudna but in practice, it continues to dig terror tunnels towards Israel’s territory. We don’t buy that bluff. We will continue, as last night, to damage terror infrastructure. The only acceptable formula is demilitarization in return for rehabilitation.”

This was the ninth terror tunnel that was attacked in the recent months. The last one was dug under the Kerem Shalom border crossing and destroyed. “We are not interested in escalating the situation, we continue to defend ourselves, but we are of course determined to thwart any terrorist threats,” the international IDF spokesperson added.