The son of US citizen Richard Lakin, who succumbed to his wounds this morning after being critically injured in a terror attack in the East Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem, stressed that his father worked for coexistence and was against incitement: “My father believed in relations between people.”

Photo Credit: Channel 2

Richard Lakin, who was critically injured in a terror attack in East Talpiot, was fighting for his life until this morning, when the hospital was forced to declare his death.  In a conversation with Channel 2 News, his son Micah spoke about his father’s coexistence activities and work against Palestinian incitement.

“Already from the moment we understood his chances to get out of this, he was weak,” his son related.   Lakin had absorbed a bullet in the head and after that, was stabbed a number of times in the upper part of the body.  He was hospitalized unconscious and on a respirator.

“My father believed in coexistence and before making Aliyah to Israel in the 1980’s, he worked in the US to promote dialogue and equality,” he proclaimed.   “He was a social activist and marched together with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. against racism.”

According to Micah, after Lakin immigrated to Israel, he continued to be active in supporting coexistence between Jewish and Arab neighborhoods.   Lakin lived in East Talpiot and together with his wife operated a private schools where Jews, Christians and Muslims studied in English together: “My father believed in human relations and worked for a solution to stop the hatred.”

Lakin was leading a lawsuit in the US against Facebook demanding that they remove incitement to murder Jews: “It cannot be that the world’s strongest social media force that has greater influence than the heads of state and institutional organizations will allow terrorists to call for the murder of Jews.  My father was against this thing.  I think that the final testament that my father left behind was that he died as a result of this incitement and hatred he fought against all of his life.”

The brutal terror attack took place on Bus Line 78 in Jerusalem, after two terrorists, one armed with a knife and another one with a pistol, started shooting and stabbing passengers.  Others who were murdered in this terror attack included 78-year-old Haim Habib and 51-year-old Alon Gobberg.