Yael Shevach, whose husband Raziel was murdered in Tuesday’s terror attack in Havat Gilad, urged lawmakers who paid a shiva call to give the West Bank outpost legal status.

Rabbi Raziel Shevach and the scene of Tuesday's attack

Rabbi Raziel Shevach and the scene of Tuesday’s attack Photo credit: MDA/The Shevach family

Yael Shevach, who lost her husband, Rabbi Raziel, in Tuesday’s drive-by shooting attack in Havat Gilad, said Thursday she expects the government to take immediate steps in response, namely to grant the West Bank outpost legal status.

“We weren’t prepared to pay such a price,” Yael told Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and Shomron Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan, who paid a shiva call. “But we paid it because nobody asked us. And now we want to get something in return.”

“There’s an entire community here waiting to be authorized,” she said, to which another resident of the outpost added, “We live in constant fear of our homes being demolished.”

Rabbi Shevach’s mother, Ilana, said earlier on Thursday she had heard of her son’s death from media reports. “In the hospital, my sisters and my family knew it even before the doctors came out to tell us,” she told Israel News Company.