Israeli security forces on Thursday arrested two suspects after a high alert was issued in the city of Beersheba, for fear of a potential terrorist attack. The public was requested to remain aware of its surroundings.

Israel Police

Israel Police Photo Credit: Roy Alima/Flash90

The Israel Police arrested two suspects in southern Israel as a high alert was issued in the city of Beersheba, police officials said on Thursday. One of the suspects is reportedly an Israeli Bedouin. The Israeli authorities are urging the public to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the police hotline.

Tensions continue to be particularly high in southern Israel after several infiltrations of Palestinians from Gaza this week. On Thursday, IDF forces arrested two Palestinians who used a knife and wire cutters to cut through the Gaza security fence. Earlier this week, the military arrested eight Palestinians who crossed the border from Gaza into Israel in three separate incidents.

Meanwhile, IDF forces are gearing up for the planned march of thousands of Palestinians towards the Gaza border fence on Friday. Gun-owning residents of Israeli towns bordering the Gaza Strip were instructed by the military to carry their weapons all through Friday in case Palestinian protesters manage to enter Israeli territory.