A terrorist attempted to stab IDF soldiers who were operating in the Far’a refugee camp located in the foothills of the Jordan Valley. The soldiers identified the terrorist, who was shot and eliminated. No injuries occurred among the IDF soldiers.

The knife

The knife Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News

This morning (Tuesday), a terrorist attempted to stab IDF soldiers from the elite special operations unit Duvdevan. The soldiers were operating in the Far’a refugee camp in the foothills of the Jordan valley. The terrorist ran with a knife drawn towards the soldiers who identified the threat and ordered him to stop. When he did not, they opened fire. The terrorist was eliminated.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated that during the operation in the refugee camp, IDF forces were fired on and explosives were thrown at them. During the operation, 4 wanted Palestinians were arrested and transferred for questioning by security forces. No IDF soldiers were harmed. 

Duvdevan arrest (archive)

Duvdevan arrest (archive) Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/ Channel 2 News

During an additional operation in the West Bank, 5 wanted Palestinians were arrested for suspected terror activity and involvement in violent riots. In addition, during an operation of the IDF Border Police and West Bank District Police, a hunting rifle was found in the Al Khader village. 

The shooting incident occurred at a refugee camp just two days after the deadly terror truck attack in Jerusalem that murdered 4 IDF cadets, Shira Tzur, Shir Hajaj, Yael Yekutiel and Erez Orbach. As previously reported by JOL, the four were laid to rest in their hometowns’ military cemeteries. To the dismay of many, no cabinet ministers attended any of the funerals. Following their absence, Netanyahu initiated a special procedure to regulate ministerial attendance at such events.