The terrorist who murdered 2 Israelis today (Sunday) in Jerusalem spoke on a Palestinian television network before executing the attack. “All Muslims need to protect Al-Aqsa,” he said. “We will liberate Jerusalem.”

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The Palestinian Al-Quds TV station broadcasted a video where the terrorist from today’s (Sunday) terror attack in Jerusalem is seen calling for the “liberation of Jerusalem.”

“All Muslims need to protect Al-Aqsa,” he said. “I am telling the Israeli occupation, it doesn’t matter that you removed us from Al-Aqsa, we stand strong and we are walking towards the temple’s doors.”

“We went to the Old City, you removed us from the Old City,” he continued. “We went to Jerusalem, you removed us from Jerusalem. With Allah’s help, we will return to Jerusalem and will liberate it from the occupation. We will make Jerusalem pure. God promised us that we will win the victory is coming.”

The terrorist being arrested prior to today's attack

The terrorist being arrested prior to today’s attack Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The terrorist’s father also spoke to in the video saying: “We will live in our native land, we will die in our native land and no matter how much they hurt us, we will never leave it. We will not leave like we left in 1948.”