In a new video from the scene of the Istanbul terror attack, the terrorist appears firing at a man stationed at the entrance and from there he continues inside the nightclub.

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Turkish Security Forces are continuing today the hunt for the terrorist who implemented the murderous attack in Istanbul that resulted in the slaughter of 39 people among them Lian Nasser, an 18-year-old resident of Tira.

Security cameras stationed at the entrance of the popular nightclub in the city recorded the terrorist arriving in the area dressed up in black clothes with a knitted hat and not a Santa Claus hat as was previously reported. The terrorist, who was armed with a rifle, appeared in the video clip opening fire on the man stationed at the entrance who was probably a security guard and then he continued onwards inside.

Is he the Istanbul terrorist?

Is he the Istanbul terrorist? Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Turkish media published his picture for the first time this evening, claiming that he was the terrorist who implemented the brutal attack and then fled from the scene. According to the report, the terrorist is an ISIS member of Uzbek origin. However, there is no verification for this report.

“The hunt for the perpetrator is underway,” Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu stated today. He added that at least 15 of the killed were foreign citizens but only 21 of the bodies have been identified. 69 people were wounded. Among them, 4 are hospitalized in critical condition.

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