The Shin Bet security service has announced that it captured a young Israeli Arab who was planning to bomb an Ashdod hotel in the name of the terrorist group Hamas.

Adel Abu Hadayeb, 20, of the Bedouin city of Rahat, was indicted today in the Be’er Sheva District Court for planning a terrorist attack on the Leonardo Hotel in Ashdod, which is located not far from where he worked as a gardener.

The Shin Bet investigation revealed that Abu Hadayeb began supporting Hamas after being exposed to the terrorist group’s online propaganda, and already had tried to build a bomb for the attack when he was arrested last month.

After his arrest, Abu Hadayeb took the investigators to a stash of five grenades (two stun grenades, two tear gas grenades, and one smoke grenade), and a “Carlo” machine gun.

The Shin Bet said in a statement that the alleged radicalization of Abu Hadayeb is part of a trend in which Israeli citizens are influenced by Hamas propaganda in Palestinian social networks and media.