Yossi Tzur, father of murdered 16-year-old son Assaf

Yossi Tzur, lost his 16-year-old son Assaf in a Hamas-orchestrated bus bombing in Haifa in 2003. Incredulously, terrorists who perpetrate these murders are still getting national insurance payments. 

“Bereaved father Yossi Tzur has drawn my attention to the fact that the law we passed to revoke the permanent resident status of anyone involved in terror does not have practical implications on the ground ,and the terrorists continue to receive national insurance payments,” Internal Affairs Committee Chairman MK Yoav Kisch (Likud) said Monday during a meeting on the issue. 

“We will examine how the law can be amended so that terrorists will be banned from living in the area where the terror attack took place, similar to the law which drives out sex offenders.”  


MK Kisch called on the Attorney General to approve the request to revoke the resident status of 20 people who were involved in terror, in addition to the 10 people whose resident status has already been revoked since the law went into effect. “I want to hear within two weeks that the matter has been referred to the Interior Minister,” he said.


“The Committee will examine legislation that will allow the State to revoke permanent resident status, but will not replace it with temporary resident status, which still grants the person his full rights. We will define a status that will allow only work, and not any other right,” MK Kisch added.



Einat Korman, deputy director of The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel, said “the sense is that the scales of the rights of the terrorist and the rights of the victims are unbalanced. The scales are disproportionally tipped in favor of the terrorist’s rights. Bereaved families beg [the State to prevent the terrorist] from returning to the city where the act of terror was committed.”

”There are restrictions on sex offenders. Why not impose them on terrorists?”