Joseph's Tomb in 2014 (credit Meir Rotter).
Joseph’s Tomb

In a joint operation between the Shin Bet and the IDF, four Palestinian terrorists were arrested on suspicion of intending to attack Jews in Joseph’s Tomb. The four terrorists who planned to plant an explosive device and to fire at Jewish worshippers received directions from Gaza via Mohammed Darwish, an Islamic Jihad terrorist.

Darwish took advantage of his connection with members of the terror organization in the West Bank in order to advance terror attacks in that region.  The investigation also showed that the four members of the cell operated compartmentalized one from the other so that each one of them had a defined position for gathering fighting equipment, collecting intelligence and implementing the terror attack.

In the investigation, one of the terrorists who came from Jenin has been previously released a number of times from an Israeli prison. admitted that they intended to implement a terror attack at Joseph’s Tomb and that his cousin Mohammed, a Palestinian Authority police officer, stated that he made observations and gathered intelligence for them about the movement of Jewish worshippers to the area.