Within a 36 hour period we have seen a huge uptake of violence in the Gaza region. Approximately 300+ Hamas rockets have been launched at southern Israel, causing many casualties, injuries, and destruction. 

What set this all off? Tensions have been rising for months now, but it seeems like this one incident this past Sunday night tipped he scales.


On Sunday night, an IDF special forces unit traveled entered Gaza. At some point during the operation, 7 Hamas fighters were killed, an Israeli Lieutenant Commander was killed and another IDF soldier was injured during the attack.

The Hamas organization published on its website the names and a photo of the “martyrs”within the organization were released.

  • Field commander Qassam Noordin Mohammed Baraka 
  • Qassam Mohammed Majid Qara ,  
  • Qassam Aladdin Fawzi Vsevs 
  •  Qassam Mahmoud Atallah Misbah
  •  Qassam Mustafa Hassan Abu Odeh 
  • al-Qasami Omar Naji Abu Khater,
  •  (Mujahid Khalid Muhammad Qweider (Salah al-Din Brigades)
7 hamas terrorists

In the article published on its website about the incident, Hamas indicates that the “martyrs ascended to heaven during the failed operation of the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip.”

Inevitably this war was going to break out sooner or later, but there is something ”special”that about this catalyst that we don’t know, and probably will never know.