The UN must be really bored, as it seems that they have nothing else better to do than pass resolutions against the Jewish State on a constant basis.

The resolution adopted last Friday  called on member states not to recognize any measures taken by the Israeli ”regime” in Jerusalem (al-Quds) and to maintain the current status quo in the holy city, WAFA news agency reported.

The resolution also rejected the recent US decision to relocate its embassy in Israel.

The UNGA also adopted a resolution on the occupied Syrian Golan, demanding the withdrawal of Israel from all of the territory and affirming Syria’s sovereignty over it.

This is the second such move by the UN in less than two weeks. On November 17, the UN voted in favor of eight resolutions on Palestine and a ninth on the Syrian Golan Heights.

In a bold move on Nov. 17th. the United States voted against the Golan Heights resolution for the first time ever after constantly abstaining from voting before. Unsurprisingly, the resolution, which the UN General Assembly renews annually, was easily passed, with 151 countries supporting it, 14 others abstaining, and only the United States and Israel voting against it.

Syria lost the Golan Heights to Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The United Nations did not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the region and brokered a Syrian-Israeli armistice in 1974, urging Israel to leave parts of the Golan Heights.

Contributed by Sputnik News