The U.S. State Department has posted on its official Twitter account a statistic showing that the Iranian regime gives up to 100 million dollars a year to Palestinian terrorist organizations. 

The funds are given to different terrorist movements such as Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. All of these terrorist groups have been responsible for “numerous bloody attacks against Israeli civilians, Egyptian security forces and American citizens.” the post says.


In a report published by the State Department, the Iranian regime is also behind several terrorist initiatives in South America. For example,  in January 2015 an Iranian diplomat was expelled for planning an attack near the Israeli embassy. It also emphasizes that Iran provided logistical support for the well-known terrorist attacks in Argentina against the Israeli embassy and the AMIA, respectively.

The report also highlights Iran’s broad support for terrorist movements that threaten Israel, such as Hezbollah, to whom it delivered “thousands of precision rockets, missiles and weapons. Also, Iran provides nearly $700 million to Hezbollah each year. 

The US also estimates that the Iranian regime has spent more than 16 billion dollars since 2012 to support Assad’s government in Syria as well as his proxies in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.