In light of the rejoicing in the streets of Gaza with the announcement of the ceasefire, Hamas is trying to appear victorious. It turns out that the split between Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashal has led Hamas to agree to the terms with no real achievement

Did not accept any of the terms, Hamas leaders

Did not accept any of the terms, Hamas leaders

Under the agreement, Hamas will accept a deal that it tried to avoid. Together with the leaders of the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas leadership in Gaza decided it was not ready to tolerate the sights of collapsing towers and targeted killings, and began focusing efforts on the negotiations. 

The beginning of the dramatic move was a short movie in which Ismail Haniyeh delivered a speech for the news agency “Al-Aqsa”, which stated that the parties are close to an agreement. Shortly thereafter, a similar message appeared on the Facebook page of his deputy, which left Mashal with no choice but to endorse the announcement and confirm that it is correct.


In fact, Hamas did not accept any of the demands except the commitment to have a discussion, but that discussion will also involve Israel’s demand for the demilitarization of Gaza. Hamas is unable to address the problems of Gaza – Thousands of homes were destroyed, 350,000 refugees with no infrastructure, electricity or water waiting for international aid, but such an assistance will come from Saudi Arabia into the hands of the Palestinian Authority and not Hamas, This means Hamas ceases to be the only ruling power in Gaza.


To a certain extent what determined the results of the operation, was the decision to avoid sending two divisions into Gaza, who knows how many additional deaths would occur as a result. While Hamas has explicitly urged Israel to operate on the ground, Israel focused its efforts using the air force, and the accomplishment speaks for itself: Hamas agrees to what it originally opposed.