Yesterday a rocket hit the school in Ashdod in which Irit, who was killed five years ago by rocket fire, used to work

Rocket Barrage on Ashdod, Yesterday

Rocket Barrage on Ashdod, Yesterday Channel 2 News

Five and a half years ago Irit Shitrit was killed by a rocket explosion during Operation “Cast Lead”, when making her way home. Yesterday a rocket hit the school in Ashdod in which Irit used to work. Her daughter cancelled her wedding which was supposed to take place tonight, due to the situation. Irit’s family members: “at first you think ‘what are the odds?’ But then it happened again”.

Irit Shitrit was an administrative secretary at Ashdod high school Makif Chet for years, until she was killed during Operation “Cast Lead” by rocket shards. The school auditorium was named in her honor.  

Shitrit was killed on December 29, 2008, when a rocket barrage from Gaza was fired at 9:00 pm. A siren went off in Ashdod and a missile exploded near a bus station in the city center. At this time Irit and her sister were returning from the gym, and when they heard the siren they halted the car and lay on the ground beside it. The missile exploded not far from them, and Irit, 39, was critically injured by its shards, and died in the hospital a short time later.

“This is very difficult” her daughter, Gal Shitrit told Channel 2 News. “I feel the same things we feel in every war – I did then and I do now. I haven’t talked to the school staff about this”.

Ayelet Morduch, Irit’s sister, who was also injured by the rocket shards which killed her sister, said there was no such thing as coincidence. Ayelet lives by the school and her children attend it. Last night, when she heard the explosion, she understood straight away that something had happened. “In the beginning you think ‘what are the odds?’ but then this happened – a rocket hits the school where she used to work a day before her daughter’s wedding. Everything comes together, but we believe in the Creator and that everything happens for a reason”.

Shulamit Siniur, the school accountant, who worked with Irit and who was even invited to her daughter’s postponed wedding, still misses her friend, which according to her always used to smile. “She was full of life and joy and always liked to give and to help. She was the first who came to help – I miss her dearly”, she told. “The rocket yesterday took us back. The auditorium in her honor was unharmed, but it still hurts”.

Bella Rubin, Chairwoman of the parents’ committee at the school told Channel 2 News: “This is a miserable coincidence. She is still often spoken about at the school and there is a memorial there in her honor. I never knew her personally, however I know she was a very positive person and this hurts a lot”.