After opening an investigation revealing the matter of stock manipulation in IDB was published by the Finance Ministry as a recommendation, there is a court position concerning the CEO. Dankner delayed the investigation last year after he was suspected of being active in raising the dividend value of the stock of his company.

Finance Ministry: Have Dankner Stand for Trial

Finance Ministry: Have Dankner Stand for Trial Photo Credit: Channel 2

Nochi Dankner continues to become entangled: The Finance Ministry has recommended that the leadership in the IDB Corporation stand trial as well as those additionally involved in stock manipulation.  The recommendation was published and after that, during the month of July, the authority passed on a file to the State Attorney that was published difficultly beside the principle investigation existing on this issue.

 The investigation was revealed in the file opened in November 2012. Hereby, at the conclusion of the investigation and alluding to the investigation’s arguments, there was intelligence and trade criticism of the Finance Ministry.   Dankner delayed the investigation together with Ati Shitrom and Adi Sheleg in suspicion of committing fraud against the Finance Ministry, deceiving and violating the faith of the corporation and disrupting the processes of the court.  The three suspects implemented this for the sake of influencing the exchange rates of IDB holdings and to improve the company’s chances of success.

 Activating Changes in IDB Exchange Rate Holdings

 According to the suspect, Dankner, CEO of IDB, was previously active in the shares of ISP Financial Trading Propriety Limited, especially with Sheleg, for the sake of defrauding the IDP exchange rate holdings with the goal of improving the chances for the company’s success in stocks as well as the prices.

 Dankner suspected that his activities will achieve funding from ISP for that purpose, and then he also took part in financing the program, using his money and other peoples money that he received for ISP, and when the trade occurred, fraud happened. 

 According to the suspect, the CEO of IDB wanted to buy the company stocks from ISP in order to have enough money to continue with the fraud, in amounts of tens of thousands of shekels.