The management of the Hermon has been working vigorously in order to prepare the compound for skiers and other visitors.

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After the heavy snow that fell in recent days in the North, the Hermon is expected to open its doors today for the first time this season.  Visitors will enjoy discounted rates to enter the site following a new agreement with the management.

The area around the lower cable car has accumulated a layer of more than a meter of snow, while the upper part has at least two meters. 

Opening the site was made possible in large part due to the staff’s hard work in the last few days.  “In recent days, the staff put in a tremendous effort in order to prepare the site as quickly as possible,” the director of the site, Shaul Ohana, stated.  The management also asked drivers to drive carefully out of the fear that ice has accumulated on the road.

The most exciting part for visitors is that the entrances fee has been reduced by 20%.  It now costs NIS 39 for adults and NIS 34 for children.  The decision was made possible due to an agreement made last week between the Israel Land Authority and the Har Hermon Company, which is owned by Moshav Neve Ativ. 

According to the agreement, Har Hermon leases the Hermon from the state for a period of 49 years (retroactively from 1996) for annual royalties of 5% of its income, as well as the lowering of the entry fee to the site by 20% from their current rate.  Among other things, it includes the terms of the lease agreement, which allows the state to control the entrance fees to the site in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism.