In the face of the Arab armies crumbling since the Arab Spring, the IDF’s strength compared to the armies of neighboring countries is more prominent than ever. A new study published in the United States ranks the Israeli Army as the strongest in the Middle East and the Israeli Air Force as one of the leading ones in the world. Turkey ranks second place and Saudi Arabia is third place.


Archives Photo Credit: Reuters

The Business Insider Magazine published an article that is very flattering to the Israeli Army.  According to the rankings of the Information Sharing Center HIS, the magazine states that the Israeli Army is the strongest in the Middle East and the Israeli Air Force is among the strongest in the world.  Turkey is second place after Israel.

From the main conclusions of the study, the defense budgets of all countries in the Middle East have risen gradually. The rating does not take into account allies outside the region (such as the United States providing Israel and Egypt military aid and arms on a regular basis). It is based on the historical performance of the armies, their budget, their personnel, technology and armaments.

According to the ratings, the IDF came in first place with a budget of $15 billion per year, the existence of 3,870 tanks, 680 aircraft, and about 176,000 soldiers in the regular army. The Israeli Army is praised for its technological superiority. It was also claimed that the Israeli Air Force is among the best in the world.

The Turkish Army comes in second place with a budget of $18 billion per year, around 410,000 soldiers, 3,657 tanks, and 989 aircraft. Turkey is a NATO member and the article notes that it relies more and more upon the self-production of munitions and systems: “We are seeing more Turkish systems than in the past when there were more American systems in the Turkish military.”

Saudi Arabia came in third place with a budget of $56.7 billion, around 223,000 soldiers, 1,095 tanks and 652 planes. After Israel, Saudi Arabia has the most modern weapons arsenal in the Middle East.

The Iranian Army ranks fifth place with a budget of $6.3 billion, 545,000 soldiers, 2,409 tanks, and 481 planes. Since Iran produces its own ballistic missiles, tanks, and other defense systems, it suffers from inferior technology compared to other armies in the region who enjoy American technology.