Hitler and Rosa picture
Rosa and Hitler together on the 16th June 1933

The auction house Alexander Historical Auctions will be auctioning off a remarkable photo of Hitler together with a little Jewish girl whom, according to testimonies and documents, he esteemed with all his heart: Rosa Bernile Nienau. In fact, the photo is signed with the dictator’s own hand.

The photo, taken by Hitler’s official photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, is signed by Hitler in dark blue ink: ”The dear and considerate Rosa Nienau, Adolf Hitler Munich, the 16th June 1933.” 

“Hitler was often photographed with children for propaganda purposes. The surprising thing about this piece is that it seems that he had a genuine affinity with this 7-year-old girl. I was stunned.” auctioneer Bill Panagopulos said.

According to Panagopulos, Hitler became aware of the girl’s Jewish origin, but “chose to ignore it The relationship between the Nazi mass murder, who caused the death of millions of Jews, was so close that he resisted the efforts by his Nazi administration to separate them despite knowing that she was Jewish. The friendship lasted until 1938 when Reichminister Martin Bormann forbade mother and daughter access to Hitler after discovering her lack of “pure” German blood.

Rosa, the granddaughter of a Jewish woman, was among a group of visitors who congregated outside Hitler’s Obersalzberg retreat on his birthday. When the mass murderer was informed that the child shared his birthday, he invited her up to the house and gave Rosa strawberries and whipped cream on the terrace.

She stayed in touch with Hitler by writing letters to his aid Whilhem Bruckner. In fact, the National Archives of Germany retains 17 letters from her addressed to Hitler between 1935 and 1938. ”In one letter dated September 27, 1936, she wrote: ”’Dear Uncle Brückner! Today I have a lot to tell you. I am already working on some Christmas socks for Uncle Hitler because I asked him if they fit him last year. He said yes!” adds Panagopulos astoundingly. 

“In Hoffmann’s memoir titled ” Hitler Was My Friend”, first published in 1955, the photographer recalled that Hitler complained about Martin Bormann decision, ‘”There are people who have a true talent for spoiling my every joy.” says the auctioneer.

Hoffmann has another photo of Rosa and the Nazi leader strolling in the grounds captioned ‘Hitler’s Sweetheart’.

”It is believed that the Edelweiss flowers attached to the photo, said to be Hitler’s favorite flowers, and a four-leaf clover, were added by the little Rosa.” says Panagopulos

Rosa died of spinal polio 5 years after she was banned by Bormann to see her “Uncle Hitler,”.

Sources:  Alexander Historical Auctions and the Daily Mail