Spokesperson Nauert Delivers Remarks at the Save the Children Event in Washington (US State Department)
State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert (US State Dept)

In response to a question about ending U.S. funding for Palestinian hospitals in east Jerusalem, State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert said Thursday: “The United States Government does not believe that it is responsible for paying the hospital bills.”

”Now, that may shock some people to hear that. The Palestinian Authority is the one that actually incurs these bills on behalf of Palestinian citizens and others who seek treatment at that hospital. The Palestinian Authority is solely responsible for paying for the treatment of Palestinians in those hospitals.”¬† she said

” Historically, they have neglected to pay the bills at their hospital of those individuals….The Palestinian Authority…has failed to prioritize paying its debts and has instead put money into funding things like payment to families of terrorists and payment to…families of those who have been imprisoned. We think that that is a wrong decision, that the Palestinians should be funding the care of their own people in the hospitals.” Nuart emphasized.


Source: US State Department