Photo Credit: Reuters
The Palestinian Prisoner’s Minister announced to Palestinian families who have relatives in Israeli prisons that the second prisoner release from Israeli prisons he expects to be carried out by the end of October. According to him, this is dependent on developments in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Freed Palestinian prisoners

Palestinian Prisoner Minister Issa Karaka announced that the second release of prisoners from Israeli prisons will be carried out on October 29.  The Palestinian Information Agency addressed a report that additional prisoners will be freed on December 29 and March 28.   He conditioned his speech and said that the prisoner’s freedom depends on developments in the negotiations with Israel.

 Karaka said these things to the Palestinian prisoners’ families, during a meeting with Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erakat and Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen.  He emphasized that like the previous prisoner release, the prisoners will be released to the West Bank and Gaza and not to other states.

 The first prisoner release one month ago saw 26 prisoners freed from prison.  14 prisoners were sent to the West Bank and 12 others to Gaza.  Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen received the freed murderers in Ramallah, along with the hundreds of members of their families that celebrated that night.

 104 Palestinian prisoners are expected to be released in total, as an Israeli gesture to Abu Mazen for renewing official peace negotiations.  The freed prisoners were assisted by the Nachshon unit of the prison service, whose expertise is to help released prisoners.

 They arranged for the freed prisoners to have sealed windows in order to prevent victory pictures.  Outside of the western wall of the prison, right wing activists waited to try to obstruct the arrangements and break into the road, yet were blocked by the police.