Israeli born actress Natalie Portman has slammed Israel  for passing the  Nation-State Law in a recent interview with BBC Arabic, calling it “wrong and racist”. 

“It’s racist and there’s nothing else to say about that,” Portman said. “It’s wrong and I disagree with that.”

Portman reiterated her sentiment in another interview with the Muslim based newspaper Al-Quds . In the interview Portman called the law “racist” and strongly opposed its concept as erroneous.

Despite being born in Israel, Portman has repeatedly voiced criticism at some of its policies. 

She also boycotted the Genesis Prize ceremony  by refusing to accept the  annual award given to a Jewish person who has achieved professional excellence and international recognition. The award, which has previously been awarded to actor Michael Douglas and violinist Itzhak Perlman , comes with a $ 2 million prize and is presented in a striking ceremony in Jerusalem attended by dignitaries and local celebrities. 

Her decision provoked severe criticism from government representatives, who accused her of supporting the boycott movement in Israel. The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miri Regev, tweeted that Portman “fell like ripe fruit in the hands of BDS supporters”. 

Portman later explained her actions,that she did it in protest against the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu, who gave a speech at the award ceremony. She also rejected rumors about her alleged support for the BDS movement, stating that she is critical of the Israeli leadership, not the entire nation.