While delivering a speech during the state memorial service commemorating the 45th anniversary of the passing away of former Israeli PM David Ben Gurion, Netanyahu claimed that the enemies in Gazahad begged Israel for a ceasefire and said that the public in Israel is not able to see “the overall picture of Israel’s security.”

 “Our enemies pleaded for a ceasefire and they know very well why,” the Israeli PM said, while adding that in times of crisis he had to show leadership and had to make “crucial considerations that must be concealed from the enemy.”

The sentiment of the Israeli public are up in arms against the PM’s decision to accept the cease fire deal with Hamas.

Last week the entrance of the city of Sderot was blocked in protest of the residents against the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.  Dozens of people gathered there, burning tires and shouting protests against the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

So stark is this sentiment that Israel had given in that hard lined Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman resigned his position and removed his party from the coalition. He told told reporters during his resignation speech that the truce was “a capitulation to terror.”

A YouTube video that has already gained over 1 million views was posted to describe the feelings around the country.

For these and many other Israelis, accepting the ceasefire was an act of cowardice, that gives precedence for Hamas and Islamic Jihad to terrorize Israel whenever they please.

The one who expressed best what many Israelis are today feeling was Sharon Gal, a former Member of Knesset with the Yisrael Beiteinu party. He labeled the members of Netanyahu’s cabinet as a gang of spineless pushovers.

Listen to me, dear cabinet members,” he said. “If you spineless pushovers can’t make a difficult decision, go home. You spoke like Rambo for weeks. From every podium you have threatened harsh and decisive measures … but in the end you squabble with one another and leave the children of southern Israel to wet their beds at night … why in the world should Jewish children have to go to bed in fear?”

They do have a point, as this video posted by Hamas media shows how thousands  shave gathered in various places in the Gaza Strip to celebrate what they call “the victory of the resistance”, where sweets were distributed in the streets and Palestinian flags were flown.