A report has been released by The Israel-based nonprofit, IMPACT-SE, originally known as the Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace. The group assesses texts using UNESCO-defined standards on peace and tolerance. IMPACT-SE concentrates on examining how texts and curricula are used in schools in the Palestinian Authority, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iran teach about Israel.

The report has found that Palestinian schoolbooks curriculum in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem has become more radical than previous years.

According to IMPACT-SE, the schoolbooks in question invoke anti-Semitic motifs, referring to the Jewish State as “Zionist occupants” and making no distinction between Zionists and Jews in general. Additionally, they brand Israel and the Jewish nation as “enemies of Islam” who are to blame for poisoning Prophet Muhammad.

The textbooks, as per the report, largely take an anti-American stance too. For instance, a new grade 12 history textbook claims that the United States has taken advantage of the 9/11 attacks to “fulfill its hegemonic agenda” and justify the subsequent interference in the domestic affairs of Middle Eastern countries.

Another textbook “openly endorses” the 1972 Munich massacre, referring to it as the Munich Operation, the report said. The terror act was carried out by members of the Black September group, who killed 11 Israeli hostages and a Western German police officer.

The authors of the report demanded that schoolbooks be free from “religious bigotry and national hatred,” and instead promote tolerance and peace.