One female officer and three cadets (two female and one male) were murdered by a terrorist who jammed into them in Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “The terrorist is an ISIS supporter.”

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As reported earlier by JOL, a terrorist murdered 4 today (Sunday) and injured 13 in Jerusalem’s East Talpiot neighborhood. One of the murdered is Erez Orbach from Alon Shvut. After touring the scene, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued onwardto a security consultation at his office. “The terrorist is an ISIS supporter,” stated Netanyahu. 

“We are here after a cruel and tragic terror attack where four IDF soldiers were murdered, three female soldiers and one male soldier,” stated Netanyahu. “We know the identity of the terrorist and all indications indicate that he is an ISIS supporter.”

Netanyahu has also stated that he consulted with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other security officials regarding Israel’s next actions on the matter. “We know that there are a series of terror attacks and we believe that they are all connected from France, Berlin and now Jerusalem,” added Netanyahu. “We are fighting this negative phenamenon and we will overcome it. I am sending my condolences to the families.”