Al-Arabiya network showed a video in which a girl aged two or three, talks about the civil war in the country. “Everyone is being killed in Syria and we can’t go to Damascus, or else they will kill us” she says

The civil war in Syria is affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands families that are trying to survive the violence that has been raging for two years. A video posted on the web over the weekend has shocked the Arab world – presenting the horrors of the war through the eyes of a two year old girl.

In the video, which was spread by Al- Arabiya, a Syrian girl is shown telling an adult, probably her father, how the situation is affecting her: “everyone is being killed in Syria and we can’t go to Damascus or else they will kill us, and if they kill we won’t be able to return to our home” the girl explains. “If we die, we can no longer take our fan with us and if they break the one we have, we won’t be able to buy a new one”.

In her words, the girl expresses her fear of death and of life without a home. “If we fall, we can’t get up” she sums up the situation.

UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon said this month that the number of children that have become refuges has past a million. According to Syrian sources, over 6000 children have been killed during the attacks in the country.