Loaded with burning material, fire kites have become a popular and cheap form of terrorism among Gaza’s Palestinians.

Fire kites from Gaza

Fire kites from Gaza Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson

Late last night (Wednesday), the IDF stopped a terror cell from Gaza that was attempting to send a ‘fire kite’ into Israeli territory.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, last night, a group of Palestinians from al-Bireij in the Gaza Strip gathered close to the border fence armed with a fire kite that they intended to ignite and fly into Israel. An IDF aircraft fired a warning shot towards the terrorists, foiling their plan.

Just last week, dozens of fires erupted throughout southern Israel after Palestinians sent flaming kites from Gaza into Israeli territory.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin met with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas on Monday and urged him to condemn the flying of flaming kites into Israel’s territory, which Israel now regards as a form of terrorism. Palestinian media outlets mentioned Rivlin’s visit with Abbas, but not his request regarding the condemnation of terror acts.

Indeed, following the significant damage caused by the kites, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered that money used to compensate Israeli farmers for the damages be deducted from the Palestinian Authority’s tax revenue.

The flying of kites loaded with burning material has become a popular and cheap form of terrorism over the past months. Its main victims are farmers living in southern Israel, whose crops are often severely damaged by the fires.

Families in southern Israeli towns like Sderot have decided to counter the kite terror with kites of peace; parents and children decorated kites in a kite-making workshop and learned about the origins of the kite. As the workshop came to a close, the children flew their kites, bearing messages of peace and hope, into the sky.