A unique discovery by an Australian biologist, not in a lab but out in the field. Dr. Clulow found a new species of frog, just outside an urban populated area. This newly found species makes rather impressive noises compared to its size, and uses its bright orange groin to scare away predators.

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A new and unique species of frog was discovered in Australia. This species holds a distinctive bright orange color around its groin meant to scare away predators. The way in which this new species was discovered was rather unusual.

When biologist Dr. Simon Clulow noticed the specific marking on the frog’s stomach, he knew he had stumbled upon a species unrecognized before. The discovery was made even more unusual by the fact that it wasn’t made at an isolated location in the middle of nowhere, but that the frog was discovered in a swamp close to a local airport.

“Nowadays most of the new discoveries are made through DNA testing in a lab, meaning the frog looks identical to a known species but a DNA test shows of the genetic difference between the species. It is very peculiar and unlikely to discover a new species in the field simply by its different looks,” says Dr. Clulow.

Upon encountering a predator, the frog spreads its legs and shows off its bright orange groin area. Dr. Clulow believes this maneuver is intended to confuse the predator or startle it momentarily, buying the frog some time to leap away to safety.