In three separate incidents this week, IDF forces arrested a number of suspects after they crossed into Israel. The latest incident happened today after an unarmed suspect was arrested.

Security Fence in Gaza

Security Fence in Gaza Photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

An unarmed Palestinian man was arrested today (Wednesday) by IDF forces near the Zikim Beach after illegally crossing into Israel from Gaza. Earlier this week, security forces arrested other infiltrators in two separate events.

Yesterday, three armed terrorists were apprehended near the Tze’elim base after traveling more than 20 kilometers into Israeli territory. Soldiers found grenades and knives in the men’s possessions, as well as the tools used to cut the security fence. Throughout the night, reports indicated that IDF forces arrived at the border fence after sensors went off but upon looking into the incident, nothing unusual was identified.

On Sunday, four Palestinians cut through the fence in southern Gaza and attempted to set fire to heavy machinery used for the construction of a barrier around Gaza.