On the first Passover the Jews left Egypt to head to the holy land, but it seems like this year the Jews are heading back.

More than 23 thousand Israelis have already crossed the southern border with Egypt to enjoy the Passover holiday on the paradisiacal beaches of the Sinai Peninsula, despite warnings issued by the Israeli Government concerning threats about possible terrorist attacks.

”There is a serious threat of the perpetration of terrorist attacks against Sinai tourists, including Israelis,” the National Security Council of Israel announced.

Warnings announcements could be heard over the speakers at the Israel-Egyptian border; “Leave the area immediately and return to Israel”, and that Israel “strongly recommends that all those wishing to go to Sinai refrain from doing so.”

These warnings are certainly justified as the area has been victimized by terror attacks that have killed more than a hundred people, including Israeli citizens.

Still, many Israelis aren’t dissuaded as the Sinai Peninsula is a highly attractive tourist destination due to its relaxing beaches and affordable resorts.