Organized by the Jerusalem municipality, thousands of Israelis marched yesterday through the forested area in southern Jerusalem where 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist earlier this month.

Ori Ansbacher, 19, was taking a stroll in a wooded area just a few hundred yards from Jerusalem’s Biblical Zoo when she was set upon by 29-year-old Arafat Irfayia, a Palestinian from Hebron.

Ansbacher was raped and repeatedly stabbed in her upper torso after taking a walk in a forest near Ein Yael a nature reserve just outside southern Jerusalem.

It is also clear that the act of violence, if not the choice of victim, was premeditated. After being arrested in an IDF raid on the Palestinian Authority’s de facto capital of Ramallah, Irfayia admitted to Israeli authorities to having set off from Hebron armed with a knife and intent on killing a Jew.