Not everyone is accepting the election results. Thousands of students in California set out to the streets in protest of new President-elect Donald Trump and even set fire to dolls that looked like him. One student at UC Berkeley said that Trump does not represent the good within the US.

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Today (Wednesday), thousands of students from a number of California universities set out to march in protest of the presidential election results, which JOL reported earlier today that Donald Trump had won. The students held up signs and chanted slogans against new President-elect Trump.

The protests began with hundreds of students at UCLA. Later on, thousands more left their dorms and began marching throughout the campus. Soon enough, the phenomenon spread to other California universities where students began protesting.

Students protesting in California

Students protesting in California Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“When our communities are under attack, what are we supposed to do? We have to stand our ground and fight back,” said some of the protestors. “I am angry. It is hard to accept that Trump will be representing out country. He does not represent the good parts of our country,” one student stated.