Three Palestinians were arrested in the West Bank after Israeli border police found they were carrying pipe bombs. It appears that they were planning to carry out an attack. The arrest took place at a military court in the West Bank.

Military courthouse in the West Bank

Military courthouse in the West Bank Photo Credit: Israel Police

On Wednesday, Israeli border police arrested three Palestinians with pipe bombs at a military courthouse in the West Bank. The police thought that the men looked suspicious and therefore searched them, finding the pipe bombs that were likely to be used in an attack.

An investigation revealed that the commander of the border police at the entrance to the military court spotted the three men, who were outside the building. The commander approached them and noticed that one of them was holding an object that resembled a pipe bomb. The commander immediately aimed his weapon at the suspects, began to search them and called for backup.

One of the suspects then threw a bag containing at least one other pipe bomb on the ground. As part of the search carried out, the police located at least two other explosive devices.