A representative of TikTok told the Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs on Thursday that the viral video-sharing social networking service will work to remove anti-Semitic content that is being disseminated through it.

“Antisemitism is an abomination, and therefore anti-Semitic content that expresses hatred has no place on our platform. We have zero tolerance for organized hate groups and those associated with them. Our community guidelines reflect our values and when they are violated we take action, including removing content and closing accounts,” said Elizabeth Kanter, director of TikTok’s government relations in Israel.

Kanter suggested that the Tiktok app be used to increase Holocaust remembrance and Holocaust studies. Kanter and her colleague, a policy director at Tiktok with expertise in hate content, were invited by the committee to review the social network’s policies and actions to combat anti-Semitic content.

“In a world that is becoming more polarized by the day, it is probably a very difficult challenge, but we will never stop working to make TikTok a safe platform for our community, so that they can feel free to express their creativity,” she said.