During an interview with Fox News, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that Washington is interested in changing the Iranian nuclear deal. “If we’re going to stick with the Iran deal there has to be changes made to it,” he stated.


Tillerson Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was interviewed by Fox News Tuesday evening and said that the nuclear deal with Iran must be changed. According to Tillerson, if the agreement is not revised, Washington will pull out of it.

Tillerson, who is currently in New York for the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly, said during the interview that there are some clauses with which the current US administration does not agree. One of those clauses automatically lifts all of the sanctions regarding Tehran’s nuclear program by 2030. “Unfortunately, this is what governments in the past did with North Korea,” Tillerson stated. “They just simply entered into agreements that were short-lived or were easily cheated on.”

“If we’re going to stick with the Iran deal there has to be changes made to it,” Tillerson continued. “It’s just simply … kicking the can down the road again for someone in the future to have to deal with.”

Tillerson said that US President Donald Trump is eager to revise central parts of the deal but acknowledged that Washington will need the support of the rest of the world powers that signed the agreement in order to do so. Tillerson’s interview with Fox News came just hours after Trump addressed the UN General Assembly. During his speech, Trump urged the world to stop Iran’s nuclear program before the country obtains nuclear weapons.