Temperatures in Northern and Central Israel will significantly decrease today and tomorrow. However, by Monday, temperatures will increase.


Archives Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The recent hot weather disappeared this morning (Saturday), as clouds and light rain showers made their way through Central and Northern Israel. Today will be partly cloudy and another drop in temperatures will be felt. In Northern Israel, rain storms are expected later in the day.

Today’s temperatures will be lower than usual for the season. These low temperatures will remain in Israel on Sunday as well. However, Monday will bring an increase in temperatures.

The forecasted temperatures for today: 20 degrees C in Tzfat, 23 degrees C in Haifa, 24 degrees C in Tel Aviv, 21 degrees C in Jerusalem, 32 degrees C in Ein Gedi, 26 degrees C in Beersheba, 24 degrees C in Arad and 32 degrees C in Eilat.