Tonight, the Palestinians will attempt to pass another anti-Israel resolution at the UNESCO Committee, although this time in a ‘softened’ version.

Photo credit: Serge Attal/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

After last October UNESCO approved the controversial resolution that doubts the Jewish people’s connection to the Western Wall, today (Tuesday), another potentially controversial resolution will be put to a vote, although in a slightly ‘softer’ version.

The resolution, to be presented at the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, was submitted by Arab states on behalf of the Palestinians and will not mention Jerusalem’s holy sites only by their Arabic names. The new proposal will not mention Al-Aqsa, Haram al-Sharif or Buraq Plaza. In addition, the new resolution emphasizes the “importance of the Old City of Jerusalem and its walls to the three monotheistic religions.”

The resolution also expresses regret at the failure of the Israeli government to prevent the continuation of illegal construction in East Jerusalem and calls Israel to comply with the organization’s request and to appoint a permanent representative in East Jerusalem.


Shama-Hacohen Photo credit: Kobi Gidon/ Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

Israel’s envoy to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen stated: “The Palestinians acted to advance the discussion because they believe that by softening the text on the issue of Jerusalem, they have a consensus in favor of the proposal and no vote will be required.”

The Palestinians will also attempt to pass a resolution that will define Hebron as a historic heritage city. “It is clear to everyone that the real battle this time is about Hebron,” Shama-Hacohen added. “Unlike Jerusalem, this proposal seeks to create a new reality from a place that is one of the foundations of the Jewish people’s heritage and the heart of the conflict today.”