Falafel, salads, and yes even french fries!

Israel’s national flag might as well sport a tub of Hummus, as this delicious spread is found all over the place.  It’s now a worldwide staple as every supermarket stock their shelves with this delicious spread.

Check out these 10 great commercials that will have you running for the nearest falafal stand.

#1 What Does Yia Yia Think?

I think my toddler would be happy to eat this (Athenos Hummus) every single day, and I would probably have to join him. We love to dip carrots and crackers in our hummus (although the toddler often licks off the hummus and double dips). It’s a filling, healthy snack or appetizer.” Elizabeth M.

”Still the best store bought hummus that I have had the pleasure of trying. The texture is just *almost* smooth, without it losing some texture from the chickpeas and the underlying tahini is perfectly balanced.” – Kristi G.

”This is my favorite hummus of all time. It tastes amazing and you can dip anything in it. I really like to dip crackers and chips in it. I bought this at Walmart and I will definitely buy it again. This hummus is pretty healthy and it has really good ingredients in it”.- Courtney F. 

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