#2 Double Dipper

”How can you not be offended by hummous in a squeeze bottle? what’s next, squeezable pesto? squeezable guacamole? (so forgive me if these bastardizations have been brought to market without my noticing) I don’t have to try it to criticize it: the very idea is repulsive”. – juliadevi

”I kind of like the idea of hummus in a squeeze bottle – so much easier to fill celery stalks, no need to dirty a spoon or knife when making a sandwich… I agree with the rest about the ingredients though. I’d rather buy an empty bottle and fill it with homemade”.- mpjmph 

 ”I don’t know, I think one of the true joys of hummus is using a spoon to spread it on bread or dipping it in that plastic tub it comes in. Squeeze bottles are for ketchup and maybe mustard, not hummus. If we allow hummus in a squeeze bottle, what’s next? Squeezable Baba Ganoush?”- Deis Cane

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