Hezbollah’s second-in-command Sheikh Naim Qassem said the movement has greatly developed its defense capabilities in the past years, and the Israeli “regime” is well aware of this fact.

“The so-called deal of the century is a stillborn plan ever since it was released, because it is unilateral and part of the international injustice campaign against Palestinians. Palestinians’ united front together with international consensus will frustrate the proposal,” Qassem said

“Since the ‘occupation’ set foot on the land of Palestine, with British sponsorship and supervision, division has been pervasive, and Palestine and the entire region has lived in a state of turmoil, confrontation, aggression and criminality,” he said.

The senior Hezbollah official added, “It has been the resistance of the Palestinian people and the sacrifices of their martyrs and fighters that have prevented the demarcation of the borders of the usurping regime, and safeguarded the rights of Palestinian generations.”

“It is now a proven fact that Israel does not have the ability to survive, and that its existence depends merely on international injustice and support of the United States and major powers,” Sheikh Qassem added.