Recently, National Security Council Chief Meir Ben Shabbat and his team set out to India to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding an arms deal between the two countries.

The meeting was expected to go well but something was missing…

The top-secret documents regarding the arms deal were accidentally left at the table of an Israeli restaurant inside Ben-Gurion Airport.

Information regarding spy planes, drones, anti-tank missiles, guns and radar systems and such were all things reportedly found in the classified folder.

Before boarding the plane, National Security Council Chief Meir Ben Shabbat and his team had dinner at a restaurant in Ben Gurion Airport. They got up and boarded the plane to India leaving behind the top-secret documents.

A waiter found the documents, flipped through them and realized what they were. The waiter than contacted a friend of his whose mother works for the Israeli Embassy in India. The waiter than flew to India and handed the documents to his friend’s mother, who reported the incident to the proper Israeli authorities.

Afterward, an investigation was launched that concluded that revealed that the incident had not caused damage to Israel’s security and that Ben Shabbat was reprimanded for his negligence.

The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement after the investigation: “The incident was dealt with immediately, a security investigation was carried out and lessons learned.”