According to data published in Turkey, a dramatic decline in tourism was recorded in the country last month due to security tensions. Israelis and Iranians were the only ones to record an increase in tourism, finding it hard to give up a visit to Turkey’s bustling markets and attractive resorts.

Turkey's resorts continue to appeal to Israelis

Turkey’s resorts continue to appeal to Israelis Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Media outlets in Turkey have reported a decline in the number of tourists that visited the country last February – except for when it comes to Israelis and Iranians.

In recent months, Turkey has been suffering from a tense security situation, one of the reasons for which is the activity of the PKK, a Kurdish militant organization. According to Turkish journalists, the country’s diplomatic dispute with Russia following the incident in which a Russian plane was downed in Syrian airspace also contributed to the decline in tourism.

Turkey currently estimates the drop in tourism at around ten percent, but while most tourists from across the globe choose to refrain from visiting Istanbul’s bustling markets and impressive mosques, a surprising increase in tourism was recorded in February from two countries alone – Israel and Iran.

It must be noted that this data was collected before the series of terror attacks in Turkey, the peak of which was the attack in Istanbul in which three Israeli citizens were murdered, but it is still hard to ignore the fact that of all the nationalities in the world, Israelis and Iranians seem to find it hard to give up on the sensuous tours Turkey has to offer, despite the tense atmosphere on its streets.