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Published On: Jul 12, 2012

Some of the worlds most influential food bloggers landed in Israel

Some of the worlds most influential food bloggers landed in Israel, including David Lebovitch from America and Kristen Rogers from England the bloggers were invited to correct those types of stereotypes, that Israel is completely a desert. Together, the bloggers have seven million readers.

For over a week, they were shown different facets of Israeli reality. These are the new thought leaders. s/u this is the fourth group of bloggers brought to Israel by an Israeli group called Kinetis.

The other groups blogged on topics such as children, design, and indy rock. The trip cost 35 thousand funded entirely by donations. Israel’s image around the world is not at its peak, to say the least. But Israeli cooking is some of the best in the world. The group finally makes it to the via Delarosa in the old city of Jerusalem.
They eat humus and falafel at one of the famous stands in the Muslim quarter, abu shukri. Tthen back to tel aviv to the salon, the restaurant owned by acclaimed chef eyal shani.
The portions flow, the bloggers photograph every dish, tweeting to their followers. The evening gets hotters as the bloggers break out in dance.

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