The trial of Ahem Tamimi is began on Tuesday. Tamimi has been charged with assaulting an IDF soldier and other offense. The recent incident of her slapping a soldier was recorded and went viral on social media. Her trial will be conducted behind closed doors.

Watch: Ahed Tamimi slaps IDF soldier

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On Tuesday, the trial of 17-year old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi began. Tamimi has been in custody since her arrest in mid-December. She was arrested for slapping an IDF soldier. The incident was recorded and the footage went viral.

Tamimi’s trial will be closed to the public, disappointing journalists, photographers, supporters and diplomats who gathered outside the courthouse. The judge reportedly decided to close the doors to the courtroom in the Ofer courthouse to everyone except Tamimi’s family.

Cases involving minors are generally held behind closed doors to protect the minor. However, Ahed reportedly requested, through her attorney Gabi Lasky, for her trial to be open to the public. Aside from the charge of assaulting an IDF soldier, Tamimi is charged with five other offenses including stone-throwing, incitement and making threats against IDF soldiers.

Ahed Tamimi’s father Bessem Tamimi stated: “We need the people and the audience with us to see what happens because we do not trust this court, and we do not trust this system.” Tamimi’s father expressed his fear for his daughter and wife, who is also on trial. His wife recorded the viral footage of their daughter slapping the soldier. He further reflected on his sister, who died after one of his remand hearings in the 1990s, “My sister died in one of these courts, we need the people and the media inside with us.”

Tamimi comes from a family well-known in the West Bank for inciting and provoking IDF soldiers while recording their reactions. The video of Ahed shows her and another girl hitting the IDF soldiers in the Nabi Salih village.

Ahed Tamimi in custody

Ahed Tamimi in custody Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS