An invaluable piece of Israeli-American history is now up for sale.

A mere few hours after the declaration of the Jewish state on May 14th 1948, President Truman released a press statement that the US officially recognizes the State of Israel.

The Raab Collection is selling the only copy of this press release that was also signed by Truman later on. The original document that was never signed can be found at Harry Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri.

President Truman signed this copy at the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair for Mr. Zecharia Sitchin who was the chairman of the American-Israel pavilion at the fair. Sitchin who was also a well-known author and Jewish activist displayed it proudly at the World’s Fair

The Sitchin family has maintained possession of the document ever since, which they have displayed only a few selected occasions, including; at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC in 1988 to celebrate Israel’s 40th anniversary

The Raab Collection who is handling the sale is a company from Philadelphia that buys and sells historic documents. According to Nathan Raab, a principal of the company, the document is valued at $300,000.